The 9 qualities of a leader

Mis à jour : 19 mars 2018

Are you wondering if you are a leader? Do you want to improve yourself and to help the people around you? Those are the most important skills that you need to develop or to improve in order to be a real leader that guide his/ her followers toward the accomplishment of a common goal.

1. Commitment: follow your plans and stick to your beliefs and goals.

2. Communication: always choose simple language that is understandable by your audience. Don’t say things that you don’t believe and seek comments to improve yourself and to work on your weaknesses. Moreover, in what you say, always keep in mind that your main goal is to increase action among the followers.

3. Competence: a competent person is someone who accomplishes more than what is ex-

pected from him/her. They continuously learn and improve their skills to achieve excellence.

The real leader inspires others and motivates them to follow his/her practices.

4. Courage: take challenges and don’t be afraid of change. To learn you have to go through

different experiences. In other words, take risks because you learn most by trying the things

that scare you.

5. Focus: you have to set your priorities and then concentrate on them. Priorities and concentration are two things that go together.

6. Generosity: it is about helping others and sharing knowledge. To do so, you must control

your desire for possession.

7. Positive attitude: try to maintain a good attitude because it affects your actions and the

level of motivation among your followers. Even when you face failures, you have to persist.

Don’t give up your goal because you never know how close you are to success.

8. Relationship: it is vital to maintain a good relationship with your followers if you want to be

successful. It is about helping, encouraging and motivating them. It is also about making

them feel secure.

9. Self -discipline: the first person you lead is yourself. That is the key factor if you want to

effectively lead the others.

Dounia Boujrada, LDI Student

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