Thank you LDI!

My last summer was rich in experiences that have contributed to my personal and professional development and where I could put into action so many of the learning I gained from the Leadership Development Institute at AUI.

On the professional level, I went on a marketing and communication internship in an international language center where I was developing marketing strategies to promote school programs. Then I had a second internship in engineering within a multinational telecommunication company.

On the other hand, I have taken part in an entrepreneurial challenge organized within le Salon International des Technologies de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement in which my team and I won the first prize for developing an innovative project idea that addresses issues related to water resources. The following week, I had the opportunity to represent Morocco in a 10-day long youth exchange under the theme: ‘Meeting of cultures for Water’ in Gaziantep, Turkey, where seven countries met together and worked on strategies to raise awareness on the importance of water and energy conservation, all while addressing the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation. Once back, I took part in an insightful fellowship that promotes youth leadership, collective intelligence, and the importance of renewable energies to sustainable development.

I have also founded a World Merit Local Council in my home town, which is a global platform for talented and collaborative youth to serve the community. This gave and my team the opportunity to participate in the World Merit International Summit that brought together young leaders from all over the world to develop strategies for significant impact framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Moreover, I had the chance to represent Morocco in a Youth Mediterranean Dialogue in Madrid where again, I met young leaders, to debate about the role of NATO in global peacemaking, and to design policy papers regarding its Strategy in the Mediterranean.

Finally, as I used to work with an association dealing with disabled people while I was in the LDI, I got the opportunity to further my knowledge about the status of disability in the world through a one-week inclusivity workshop I took part in, in Ghana.

I am genuinely grateful for all those experiences and the people I met throughout my journey. They have immensely shaped my personality, expanded my horizons, and changed me for the better.

Safaa Zaki

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