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Mis à jour : 19 mars 2018

I was walking around the tables in the club fair when I wrote (by coincidence destiny) my name on the LDI sign-up sheet. I was carefree because writing my name and my ID did not require huge efforts. Three days later, I received an email from the Institute telling me that if I were interested in becoming an LDIer, I needed to complete an application. At this moment, my intuition led me to start accomplishing this task.

After sending the application and an interview, I received a second email that announced that I had became an LDIer. I attended the first meeting which had a small impact on me and the second one as well.

Following the second meeting, I woke up and I raised my head and saw only sunbeams. I was sure that D-day would come and I would be able to see the sunrise. I would be able to work on my dreams. Nevertheless, it was hard changing my life. I did not have this power of will to work on my dreams due to two reasons. The fear of failure was the first reason. “What if my strategies do not work out?” The second one was the fear of success. “What if I succeeded, but I cannot handle the success?” Up to this point, I was still this dreamer guy who was not industrious in fulfilling his wishes.

At a later point, I asked by the LDI coordinator to attend and present at a seminar on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. Granted, I had no clue about the nature of the gathering, but I was compelled to participate. Two days later, since I am punctual, I was at the seminar at 9:30. The event was meant to introduce the Leadership Development Institute, its action plan, its purpose, and its goals to a group of young Moroccan students who were participating in a program called Corps Africa. They started talking about their program

and why they chose to be involved in this service organization. They were achieving a big goal. They were giving up their wellbeing and comfort to go to the middle of nowhere for one year so that they could help those people who are living in marginalized areas under harsh conditions. I was bewildered and was wondering what my purpose in life was. I realized that setting goals is an easy task, but the most difficult one is to work in order to reach the goals. Those students, with their founder Liz Fanning, were great leaders

because they were my life-changing encounter and pushed me to go to the next level. As soon as I left the conference room, I decided to run towards my dreams. I understood that my purpose is to invest and define myself inside society. There will be no fear of success because I am a risk taker. Working on my dreams is what I believe in, and I am willing to die for it. I will not allow anybody or any power to steal my dreams. It is not over until I live my dreams. Thank you Corps Africa for showing me the beam of light, which is going to illuminate my journey in this life.

Souhail Ramid

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