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You probably know Mohamed Merrouch as your former Student Government Association (SGA) president or your favourite Resident Assistant (RA). Undeniably distinct by his fiery red hair, his popularity on campus is, however, mostly attributed to his active engagement in improving the sense of belonging and community at AUI.

Mohamed has constantly demonstrated a caring and helpful character through community engagement, especially by volunteering to tutor kids through the Islamic Art and Culture Club. Kind-hearted and always ready to help, he is the epitome of the servant leader that we seek to develop at the LDI. Indeed, we have witnessed this even more at the LDI where he was elected as the best performing leaders of the cohort 18/19. He was involved in his team, LEADERMATICS, in the building of a website for Ennour Association in Azrou.

Ennour association is one that helps people with various disabilities become more independent. The association works on making an impact on society by trying to change the way people look at people with disabilities. Mohamed and his team helped them through the international day of people with disabilities, involved with the organisation of fundraising for the association. In this way, they contributed to improving the visibility of the association. His patience, ability to focus and work extremely well under pressure did not go unnoticed. This is also one of the reasons why we have recommended him to one of our partners.

The LDI helped Mohamed to be employed at Douar Tech, a platform that promotes the economic independence of young people, especially women from precarious backgrounds in rural areas of Morocco. They do this through training in innovative entrepreneurship and intensive technology.

We want to recognise his hard work and passion. We wish him all the best for his new position at Douar Tech. Well-done Merrouch!


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