7 Habits of Highly Effective Employees

Mis à jour : 19 mars 2018

Every once in a while, we face multiple hardships in the workplace, whether your work is individual or in a team. I used to love doing things on my own: Read on my own, do sports on my own, have fun on my own (yeah, you don’t want to know about my solo chess games), start off projects on my own, etc..

I lived on a pretentious lifestyle assuming I didn’t need anyone around. I was self-sufficient. My parents, brother & extended family bore an immense love to me... One does not worry about abandonment or attachment to anyone else once they know they’re under the spell of unconditional love. However, I came to a certain point in my life where I unwillingly was forced to proceed with the help of others.

Regardless of the teamwork activities, presentations, and everything else you have to do in your freshman year, my first real professional experience was ignited this summer at a local touristic agency back in my hometown, Rabat. Later on, I got to join the Resident Assistant family as an official job on campus. Through these experiences, I have learned and observed a couple of To-Do’s and Not-To-Do’s in any job you undertake. I am sharing a couple of rules that may look familiar to you, but I cannot stress how crucial they are still.

Learn these 7 commandments:

1. First impressions remain forever. Never mind being uncomfortable, blow their minds right

away. If you don’t rock the stage first thing in the morning, they will think you’re a lazy hermit and will keep this impression the rest of their lives. Show your abilities. Be presentable and professional. Men, tie up your ties, and women, lower down your heels.

2. Don’t feel intimidated by veterans. Because you’re new to the job, many people will try to get the upper hand. Ask questions, get invvolved and learn quickly. Don’t wait for someone to come over and explain how everything goes, because they might not help. Be open to criticism, but do not take it too personally. Work on your flaws and be better at what you’re already good at. Be great at it!

3. Take responsibility of knowing your work. Do what you have to do. Don’t let anybody tell you what to do or remind you of an important tasks. Maintain and check notes of your activities to stay ahead of your work.

4. Let people know about your work progress and achievements. While doing the work, send emails to your supervisor or boss. When you complete a task, don’t underestimate what you have done. If you don’t value it, no one is going to do so for you. Pick the fruits of your efforts:

Satisfaction! Many people, especially in working with a team, will intrude in the intermediate or last stages of your task and speculate about how much they have helped. Some could go to the extent of stealing the credit. Don’t start an argument, but keep track and keep your boss informed about what you’re doing.

5. Keep your composure. Throughout the work process, you will undoubtedly find teammates who refuse to work, make excuses to skip meetings, chicken out of a long and boring task. Shouting and pointing out at people will not help. Instead, inviting them to dinner as a break from work will be helpful and make your team more motivated. Make excuses for that night, such as, “you must be tired, you’ve done a great job so far... I guess we deserve a night out and a good night sleep as a motivator for tomorrow.” Other times, you may face a dead end and not know how to bypass it. Don’t panic. Stay confident and

your teammates will have more confidence in you.

6. When there is a problem or a delay in your task, don’t waste your time explaining it to your boss. Fix it instead; only contact them once it’s done. It will not only show that you are solution-oriented, but it will also make your boss count on you and value your quick interventions next time your help is urgently needed. Make yourself a priority.

7. Don’t be serious all the time. Relax and be yourself, and your bosses will do the same.

Samia Haimoura, LDI Alumnus

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