Students' led projects


LDI Cohort 19/20

Project manager: Rim El Mousadik

Operations Optimization at Al Hanaa Cooperative:​ purchase of a large scale dough kneader

This project was in collaboration with Al Hanaa Cooperative, located in Timidiken. It aimed at lowering manual labor within the association by providing a large-sized dough kneader to the ladies working there.  The primary objective was to optimize operations within the cooperative to allow for production efficiency and diversification, as well as increase revenue sources. In doing so, the project targeted SDG 5, Gender equality and SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth. Through fundraising activities, the team raised more than 8000 MAD to accomplish their goal. The remaining revenue will be used to buy raw materials and an extra machine for the association.


LDI Cohort 19/20

Project manager: Mounia Driouich

Tutoring project for Dar Talib in Ifrane

The team “StormingAnts” came up with a tutoring project to develop and improve literacy in the rural community of Ifrane. The objectives of the project consisted of developing the students’ verbal and written skills in French and enabling them to pass their classes and exams with good grades in their different subjects. It addressed two sustainable development goals (SDGs) namely SDG no 4, Quality Education and SDG no 10, Reduced Inequalities. Besides the volunteering time, the team also raised more than 9000 MAD to buy materials for the students.


LDI Cohort 19/20

Project manager: Meriem Mohtarif

Kids' Dream

This project aimed at enhancing the learning environment of The Moroccan League for the Protection of Children. The association chosen to work with has very limited equipment to build an encouraging environment for children. Therefore, the main focus was on two sustainable development goal (SDGs), which are SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities and SDG 4, Quality Education. In order to make an impact, the team, Grains of Hope, had to plan intensively some fundraising projects to provide financial resources that would fulfil the needs aforementioned. In addition to that, the team prepared a program with academic schedules and extra-curricular activities.


LDI Cohort 19/20

Project Manager: Rihab Hadhoudi

Azrou Center for Community Development Visibility Project

This project aims at raising the ACCD's visibility in AUI and the region as a whole, through the creation of various virtual platforms mainly through the creation of various virtual platforms, as well as the digitalization of the volunteering application processes in the form of a website, an Instagram page, and a Facebook page. The team targeted 3 SDGs, SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities, SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals.


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